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          RC Film Co., Ltd was founded through a joint venture between two prominent companies, TPN FlexPak Co., Ltd (a Thailand-based company) and Wipf AG (a Swiss-based company). This partnership provides a strong foundation for RC-Film's longterm stability and growth opportunities. Through this stable foundation, RC-Film aims to be a leader in the development and production of high quality CPP films and to become a trusted and respected partner to our customers.


 TPN FlexPak Logo

          TPN FlexPak (Established in 1999) as part of Thung Hua Sinn Group of companies (established in 1953) is a leading provider in the field of flexible packaging through utilizing the most sophiticated technology available while focusing on the industry’s best practices.


          Wipf AG develops and produces high-barrier packaging films and pouches for the food, pharma and non-food industries. It is one of Europe’s leading packaging manufacturers. In 2014, the solidly established company celebrated its 100th anniversary.